He was last known as The Dreamcast Gamer yesterday, on 4/30/18. The channel is temporarally closed and can be seen below. Everything will stay the same is is only temporary. Hell, I even make a wiki before I found out this may not be permanint. That's found here:

Welcome to the Dreamcast Gamer WikiEdit

This wiki is about the Dreamcast Gamer! This wiki contains info on episodes and such from his channel and social networking profiles.

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Best of the Best QuotesEdit

"I see a Beautiful Lady..." - SCAMMERS VS PAY PHONES!

"OH WINDOWS 98 IS SO COOL!!!!!" - The Search For The Floppy Disk

"Want some Dr. Pepper?...What's wrong with you?! Get back Here!" - Combat Review - Gemini Gamer Episode 2

"Now that's how you play Star Raiders!!!" - Playing Star Raiders Without The Video Touchpad - Gemini Gamer Episode 4

"do you feel punished yet??????????" - Cool_Cody, Dallas Shaving Live - Dreamcast Gamer

"If I jump up and down enough, my pants fall down." - Toxic Tech Tat, Dallas Shaving Live - Dreamcast Gamer

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