Keep The Groovin' Remix - Dreamcast Gamer- The Movie

Keep The Groovin' Remix - Dreamcast Gamer- The Movie

Music RemixesEdit

From drum covers to MIDI remixes, Dallas has always been into remixing game music. In total the series have existed scence _ to the present, and has had around 33 videos in total, and still counting. This is the thing he has ben doing the most in recent times, but is still foucused on other content. 

Insturments and Tools UsedEdit

The drums is his favourite insturment out of his other insturments he owns, or at least used, but he also has a piano, and uses mostly MIDI in his remixes.

  • Various Soundfonts
  • Anvil Studio
  • SynthFont
  • Piano [Add Model Number]
  • Drums [Add Model Number]

List of MIDI RemixesEdit

The thing he does the most music wise. He has been at this from July 7, 2017 to present.

1. Golden Axe Wilderness MIDI Remix - Dreamcast Gamer

2. The Astroids Song - Dreamcast Gamer

3. Fantasy Zone Hot Snow Remix - Dreamcast Gamer 100 Subscriber Special!

4. Fatal Fury 2 Kim Kaphwan Theme Remix - Dreamcast Gamer

5. Gain Ground Awaken (Round 1) MIDI Remix - Dreamcast Gamer

6. Street Fighter II Ken's Theme MIDI Remix - Dreamcast Gamer

7. Kim Kaphwan (Let's Go To Seoul) Symphonic Rock Remix - Dreamcast Gamer

8. Keep The Groove Groovin' Remix - Dreamcast Gamer: The Movie

9. Sonic 1 Bridge Zone Super Mario World Remix - Dreamcast Gamer

10. Sonic & Knuckles Lava Reef Zone Act 1 Synth Cover - Dreamcast Gamer

11. Gain Ground Awaken Symphonic Rock Remix - Dreamcast Gamer

12. Cammy's Theme Symphonic Rock Remix - Dreamcast Gamer

13. Sonic 3 Ice Cap Zone Synth Remix - Dreamcast Gamer

List of Other RemixesEdit

This is where all the other remixes go.

1. Streets Of Rage - Fighting In The Streets 8-Bit Remix - Dreamcast Gamer

2. Streets Of Rage 2 - Go Straight 8-Bit Remix - Dreamcast Gamer

3. Dallas Attempting To Play Streets Of Rage Music ON PIANO! - Dreamcast Gamer

[This is more twards the vlog style of video, but I put here none the less.]

List of Drum RemixesEdit

I know this is considered a cover more than a remix, but I decided to combine remixes and covers on the same page. The first drum cover was up on December 31, 2016 and the latest one was up on _.

  1. New Years' Eve Special - Dreamcast Gamer
  2. Sonic Music! Drum Cover - Dreamcast Gamer
  3. Castlevania Vampire Killer Drum Cover - Dreamcast Gamer
  4. Golden Axe Wilderness Theme Drum Cover - Dreamcast Gamer
  5. Castlevania II Bloody Tears Drum Cover - Dreamcast Gamer
  6. Keith Courage In Alpha Zones Battle Stage Drum Cover - Dreamcast Gamer
  7. Sonic 2 Chemical Plant Zone Zone Drum Cover - Dreamcast Gamer
  8. Game Gear Shinobi Music Drum Cover - Dreamcast Gamer
  9. Michal Jackson's Moonwalker (Genisis) Beat It Drum Cover - Dreamcast Gamer
  10. Fantasy Zone (SMS) Opa Opa Drum Cover - Dreamcast Gamer
  11. Wonder Boy 3 The Last Dungeon Drum Cover - Dreamcast Gamer